Machine Highlight:Formula is our new state of the art in high accuracy, high speed machining. The Formula is a very versatile floor type high dynamic milling machine featuring high technology solutions. With its automatic head changing, large capacity tool changer, laser tool setting, on-machine probing, the Formula is well suited for unattended machining on a large scale.

Machine List.

  • 1-Parpas Diamond 30 High Speed Mill X-118' Z-47' Y-98'
  • 1-OMV Formula ,5 Axis, High Speed, Mill X-26’ Z-6' Y-10’
  • 1-40-Ton Dual Hoist, Overhead Crane
  • 1-30 Ton Overhead Crane
  • 1-25-Ton Overhead Crane
  • 2-20-Ton Overhead Crane
  • 1-10-Ton Overhead Crane1-Mecof High Speed Mills
  • 3-Parpas Diamond High Speed Mill
  • 2-Johnford High Speed Mill
  • 2-Droop and Rein, Retro Fitted with High Speed Heads
  • 1-Fermat Boring Mill
  • 1-TOS Boring Mill
  • 3-Toshiba Boring Mills
  • 2-Makino A-77 Horizontal 39.5 X 29.5 X 30
  • 2-Depo Mills (Details & Small Tools)
  • 1-Makino V-55 N/C Machine for Electrode Machining
  • 2-Large Taurus Gun Drill
  • 2-Large Makino EDNC 156 EDM Tanks
  • 2-Medium Size Elox EDM Tanks
  • 1-Charmilles Wire EDM
  • 1-Large Cosen Band Saw, 51.2" x 67" capacity
  • 2-Spotting Presses
  • 1-Cincinnati 2500-ton Sampling Co-Injection Press
  • 1-Toshiba 950-ton Sampling Press
  • 1-Parpas Diamond 30 High Speed Mill X-118' Z-47' Y-98'
  • 1-Fermat Boring Mill X-142' Z-59' Y-98' 40 Ton
  • 1-Fermat Boring Mill X-138' Z-63' Y-98' 27 Ton
  • 1-Large Tarus Gundrill with Rotary Table and Tilt

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