Product Sampling and Tool Trials

While we manufacture and tool products with superior accuracy, we understand the importance of making sure a part or mold works perfectly in your operations. To ease concerns, we can create samples and prototypes of all sizes and materials, as well as conduct limited production runs when needed.

Our sampling capabilities include:

  • Mold trials and validation
  • Low-volume production runs of less than 10,000 pieces
  • Production tooling and repair samplings
  • Range of engineered materials such as Surlyn, PEEK, Polypropylene, Polyethanol and Nylon

Our sampling equipment includes:

  • 950-ton Toshiba press for standard injection setup
  • 2,500-ton Cincinnati press with co-injection capabilities and independent melt channel

State of the Art Technology

Our product sampling team uses only the best technology to create prototypes. To learn more about the technology we use, click the link below.

  • RJG eDART system┬áis the most comprehensive and powerful process monitoring and control system for plastic injection molding applications.