Maintaining a Mission of Trust

Using proven methodologies and the latest technologies, we provide:

  • High-quality tooling to assure optimal performance in our customers’ manufacturing processes
  • Winning business environment and culture that empowers and inspires employees to do their best work
  • Safest possible workplace, matched by a drive for continuous improvement throughout our shop floor

This mission has not only nurtured our success for four decades, but has cultivated long-term partnerships with our customers, suppliers, and on-site teams.

Merging Vision with Values

To lead our industry in tooling and manufacturing that helps customers flourish in their own endeavors, we have established core values that help guide us into the future.

  • Safety that ensures a healthy work environment and dependable products
  • Technology that sustains efficiency and leads to superb quality
  • Continuous process improvement to maintain a competitive edge
  • Employee engagement and career development to retain top talent and continuously sharpen our skills