Precision Injection Molding You Can Trust

At Delta Mold, quality comes first – and for almost 50 years, consistent customer satisfaction has been the backbone of our business. From the collaborative design stage to final tooling and delivery, our talented team and rigorous molding process combine to deliver molds that meet your exact specifications for flawless production.

In addition to ISO 9001:2015 certification, our quality assurance protocols include meticulous craftsmanship and the most stringent guidelines for workmanship. Our facilities operate ethically, while maintaining a clean, safe work environment.

The best mold, for the best price, on time, every time. That’s the Delta Mold promise.

Molding Process: Sampling, Verifying and Validating Injection Molding Products

Our rigorous Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) guarantees every part or mold we build will meet or exceed your strict requirements for quality, craftsmanship, and usability. From inception to delivery, your feedback will guide the validation and verification process at every stage.

  • Data evaluation for mold manufacturing
  • Tooling design and engineering
  • Design review and customer feedback
  • Injection molding prototyping and design
  • Initial molding process development
  • Injection molding product sampling (if requested)
  • Mold and part manufacturing
  • Mold validation (two stages)
  • Texturing (if required)
  • Molding process development validation trial
  • Injection molding product quality inspection
  • Mold and part delivery
  • Tooling integration