Why Work with Us?

Throughout its history, Delta Mold has been praised as a family-oriented company that rewards loyalty and hard work. We believe in providing employees with:

  • Equitable work/life balance
  • Stimulating work environment
  • Competitive salary and benefit packages
  • Continued education and training
  • Good communication and respect for ideas
  • Ongoing career development and advancement
  • Safety in all facets of the workplace
  • 401K and retirement programs

Open Positions


We are looking for an experienced Polisher with 2 years minimum experience working in a mold shop. An extensive overall knowledge of plastic injection molds and blueprint reading to recognize the importance of dimensional accuracies, seal-offs and finishes are required for this area. The candidate must be able to operate various air powered grinders and hand grinding equipment for benching, industrial polishing, or other position requiring hand dexterity to handcraft parts while maintaining specified contours and tolerances.

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Program Manager

We are looking for an experienced Program Manager who understands and appreciates the fast-paced mold-making industry. The individual must be self-motivated, conscientious, customer-focused, and unafraid of working hard to achieve a fine balance between customer satisfaction and profitable outcome on jobs. Experience within the mold-making industry is a requirement, and preferably acquired through tool design or in-shop, hands-on tool construction. Candidate must be agile at new customer development and program management of current customer base tooling; you will act as liaison between customer, production management, and production team. The position includes the estimating of both new tools and ongoing engineering change requirements of the tools under your control.

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Truck Driver

We are looking for an experienced truck driver with CDL License. This position will be for North and South Carolina deliveries and pick-up only. Candidate will be responsible for loading and unloading large steel molds of more than 3 tons, using chains for securing the molds. Candidate will also be responsible for all maintenance, truck logs, and cleaning of truck, in addition to odd jobs when there are no deliveries or pick-ups. We expect all candidates to have professional people skills when working with customers.

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Mold Makers/Welder

We are looking for a mold maker/assembler with 5 years minimum experience working in a mold shop. Candidate must have good mechanical skills and be able to work in a team atmosphere. The ideal applicant will have basic knowledge of mold construction and function. Candidate will also need to operate basic manual-controlled job shop equipment. Candidate will need to be computer literate. You will retrieve all dimensional information through solid model and computer CAD station. Candidate will need to work with all types of hand tools, required to spot-fit cores to cavities and components to location. Candidate will be responsible for the finale assembly and all systems are working properly.

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Injection Mold Sampling and Validation Tech

Candidates must be self-motivated and able to work in a team atmosphere. We prefer the candidate to have some CNC Machining Experience. This role will require the candidate to assist and run the injection molding machines used to validate the new mold builds and repairs at Delta Mold, Inc as well as sample customer parts. Related activities include successful startup and completion of run, ensure that the injection molding machines run within quality standards and inspect the quality of parts. The Tech will also need to interact with other departments to resolve problems and hold a good understanding of manufacturing operations and related processes.

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CNC Machinist (contour milling)

We are looking for a CNC milling machinist with 2 years minimum experience working in a mold shop or job shop environment. Candidate must be able to work in a team atmosphere. Candidate will setup and run machines, write his own programs using Work NC software to produce cores, cavities and mold components. Training will be provided in the use of Work NC software if needed.

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Boring Mill CNC Machinist

We are looking for an experienced Boring mill machinist with 5+ years working in a mold shop or job shop environment. Candidate must be able to produce compound angle set-ups on large blocks and plates using rotary table and sine. Candidate must be willing to learn 3D programming software (Lemoine) training will be provided. Candidate must be able to work in a team atmosphere. Related experience:

  • Drilling, tapping, reaming and boring
  • 3D programming
  • G Code
  • Conversational Format Programming a plus
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Machine Operator


  • Manufacturing Experience and quality focus
  • Use of Power Tools and simple hand tools
  • Ability to read and comprehend simple instructions, short correspondence, and memos
  • Ability to write simple correspondence
  • Basic technology literacy and basic proficiency in Microsoft Office applications
  • Must have the ability to read, understand & interpret computerized panels
  • Contribute to waste management programs such as 5S.
  • Ability to work independently


  • Responsible for setting up machines to run to meet customer specifications
  • Perform quality testing in accordance with the customer/plant specifications
  • Utilizes simple hand tools (wrenches, screwdrivers, etc.)
  • Communicates issues to team leader and/or Supervisor
  • Responsible for housekeeping in work area
  • Must be able to understand Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Communicates verbal and written incoming instructions
  • Feeds, transports, handles, and prepares material for in process or finished goods processing and operates, monitors, or tends machines to perform a variety of related operations in the manufacture of products
  • Work to quality standards and specifications in accordance with established practices, processes, regulations, guidelines, and standards in a safe and efficient manner
  • Operate equipment safely and effectively for production processing.
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