State-of-the-Art Equipment

A tooling company is only good as its technicians and equipment. Fortunately, we excel in both areas.

When it comes to appreciating the value of equipment, seeing is believing. We invite you to browse our equipment gallery. Our precision tooling and high-production equipment list includes:

High Speed Finishing

  • OMV Formula
    5-axis high-speed mill
  • Parpas Diamond 30
    high-speed mill
  • Parpas Diamond
    high-speed mills
  • Mecof Performa
    high-speed mill
  • Makino A-77 horizontal
    pallet changer

Boring Mill

  • Fermat boring mill
  • TOS boring mills
  • Toshiba boring mills

Gun Drill

  • Taurus 6 axis gun drill
  • Taurus 4 axis gun drill


  • Large Makino EDNC
    156W EDM tank
  • Large Makino EDNC
    156 EDM tank
  • Charmilles wire EDM


  • Cincinnati 2500-ton
    sampling co-injection press
  • Toshiba 950-ton
    sampling press


  • Large Cosen band saw
  • 40-ton, dual-hoist overhead crane
  • 10- to 30-ton overhead cranes